All' Aboard!

All' Aboard!

Gregory Han
Mar 9, 2007

Although not as widely known as a decor shopping destination as some of LA's other prominent retail hoods, Echo Park has noticeably become a destination for those seeking home and gift items with a bit more personalized and unique appeal than those available in other corners of our city's map. All' Aboard, a small store just off the west end of Echo Park on Sunset, fits the bill as one of those truly charming and and personal boutiques chockfull of wares that are sure to win both nods of approval and smiles of surprise from recipients, whether they be for someone special or just for yourself.

All' Aboard's selection of home items, accessories and clothing all reveal a youthful exuberance for colour, fantasy and a little mischief. Although a small store, the shelves are stocked full with design and art books, delicate ceramic tea light holders shaped like open heads of lettuce, Poketo products (which we love), cards that open into 2D flower vases, towel holders that appear to be pirouetting, pillows embroidered with fantasy landscapes, and soy candles that caress your sense of smell rather than overwhelm it. The store appeals to your senses...and your sense of fun.

We noticed the store exhibited an affinity for woodland theme items (including little garden gnomes for your household plants). There were mushroom decorated items everywhere, from the artwork on the walls to many of the children's clothing she had on display. Our favourite pieces in the store were a set of delicate white ceramic wood trunk vases, adorned with slivers of fungi growing from it, and complimented by several toadstools and button cap 'shrooms. Perfect as a dining table centerpiece or for a nature themed decor.

All' Aboard is a perfect example of a small business with a large heart. With local artwork on the walls, wares made by friends and neighborhood artists/designers, and a friendly vibe, the store is a definition of "retail fun".

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