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  • Headquarters: Ketchum, Idaho

As the founders of the concept "solar garden art," Allsop Home & Garden is known for unique combinations of green solar technology, efficient LED lighting, artisan hand-blown glass and use of other creative materials with solar power!

Nine years ago, Allsop started out as a small father/daughter wheelbarrow business, and they've since evolved into an innovative player in the field of solar-powered lighting. They hold over 450 patents, but they're probably best known for their Soji Solar Lanterns.

Made from a metal frame with a nylon shell, the lights look like traditional Asian paper lanterns, but they conceal a solar panel, dual LED lights, and a AAA rechargable battery for times when the lantern needs an extra charge.

Since the introduction of the basic round Soji Original lantern, the line has expanded to include Modern, Kenzo, and Pod styles, as well as solar-powered String Lights.

Based out of Ketchum, Idaho, Allsop sells directly to customers through their e-commerce site. They also have an international network of stores that sell their lines.

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The Allsop Garden Team
Soji Modern Lantern, $40
Soji Kenzo Lantern, $43
Soji Pod Lantern, $27
Soji Solar String Lights, $40