Amy Butler Design

Amy Butler Design

Cambria Bold
Feb 2, 2009

Store History

  • Founded: 1992
  • Founded by: Amy Butler
  • Headquarters: Granville, OH

We can't remember where we found Amy Butler, but scrolling through her website is like opening up the windows on a sunny day. Bright, colorful, poppy fabric designs will make you smile as they work their way across pillows, bags and books...

Of course, we're interested in the pillows and the straight-ahead fabric. Based in Granville, Ohio, Amy has successfully separated herself from all of our NYC trends and aims for the intimate. Her collection of vintage fabrics is a definite influence, but her colors and composition are totally contemporary.

Her site features pics of her studio along and links to see all of her fabrics, sewing patterns, books and stationary. For a list of where to buy Amy Butler fabric, click here.

(Edited from this post originally published 3.16.07)

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