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Store History

  • Founded: 1992
  • Founded by: Amy Butler
  • Headquarters: Granville, OH

I started making small passport sized bags while living in Kansas City in the late 80's. There was a great energy about it. I sold to small boutique shops around the country, basically by hand-picking stores that I loved and making personal introductions. David and I moved back to Ohio (my home) in 1992 and started our little Art of the Midwest studio with two cats and about $1,200. Time was spent chopping wood for the 150-year-old cabin/house that we had rented on 190 acres of rural farmland, tending chores, and making art. I started creating surface designs for a friend who went into business as a design rep. in NYC. This I did at night mostly. We loved it. After years of hard work fixing up two houses, and having been a contributing editor for Country Living magazine, I started thinking about those little bags that I had made less than 10 years ago. I wanted to create that feeling again so I started my sewing pattern business. My company, my brand, is really just a great vehicle to share my work. I love meeting other artists and trading notes. I love the process. Everybody has a personal story, and a personal creative voice. I just want to help my "friends" realize it.

We can't remember where we found Amy Butler, but scrolling through her website is like opening up the windows on a sunny day. Bright, colorful, poppy fabric designs will make you smile as they work their way across pillows, bags and books...

Of course, we're interested in the pillows and the straight-ahead fabric. Based in Granville, Ohio, Amy has successfully separated herself from all of our NYC trends and aims for the intimate. Her collection of vintage fabrics is a definite influence, but her colors and composition are totally contemporary.

Her site features pics of her studio along and links to see all of her fabrics, sewing patterns, books and stationary. For a list of where to buy Amy Butler fabric, click here.

(Edited from this post originally published 3.16.07)

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