Antiquarian's Delight: Antique Furniture & Collectibles


  • Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

There's a great place to find amazing Antiques in Philadelphia and it can be found in an old Synagogue located on the corner of 6th and South Streets. It's called The Antiquarian's Delight and it's exactly that.


1 A great velvet/corduroy Sofa.

2 I fell in love with this end table.

3 This ottoman would be the perfect punch of color in a living room.

4 This pendant lamp is amazing!

5 Here's the outside of the Synagogue (no way to miss it!)


6 This blue chair would look great in an office.

7 Retro Dining set that anyone can appreciate.

8 I wanted to take this chrome lamp home!

(Images: Kristen Lubbe)