Antique Trove

Antique Trove

Mar 2, 2007

Sometimes it just seems like a really long time between first Sundays, when we make the trek to Alameda. And so we try to search out places that can give us that feeling of satisfaction that comes with a good flea market. The Peninsula's Antique Trove is one of them.

With 150 dealers, you never know what you'll find. There's a mix of traditional antiques, Asian pieces, big chunky European pine tables, and funky mid-century furniture and home accessories (check out AT:SF reader Vincent's two booths, which showcase mostly mid-century stuff -- at one time he was selling a drool-worthy deco chrome chair for just $275. We would have scooped it up in a flash if we had room for it).

Here are some of the good things we saw on a recent visit. The prices are pretty comparable to Alameda and Craigslist:

Chrome lamp ($125)

Bottles ($29-$39)

Bottles ($39)

Brown metal table ($59)

Stainless steel industrial cart ($145)

Red lamp ($175)

White lamp ($125)

Antique Trove also has locations in Roseville (near Sacramento) and Scottsdale, Arizona.

Update 05/07: The San Carlos location has closed.

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