Arbor Exchange: Wood Furniture With A Story

Store History

  • Founded: 2010
  • Founded by: Josh Jackson & Paul Kind
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles

Arbor Exchange started as all grassroots organizations do, with an idea. This idea was grounded in our passion for the outdoors, for the environment and a fascination with unique furniture. Coupled with these ideals is an experienced lineage of carpenters who have passed on their trade over the decades. After spending several years pursuing other careers, in 2010 we found ourselves drawn to working with our hands and returning to our roots. The result is Arbor Exchange, a small company whose aim is to design and build original and imaginative furniture out of reclaimed wood. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in a custom piece or have any questions. We would love to collaborate with you on a piece of furniture that fits with your space. Thanks for visiting! Josh and Paul

Not only do Josh Jackson and Paul Kind make beautiful furniture for a reasonable price, it's sustainable. That they're both movie star good looking doesn't hurt either. The two men, who met in school, come from a lineage of carpenters; they watched their grandfathers at work.

After pursuing other careers, they returned to their first love, woodworking, and opened their shop, Arbor Exchange, just over a year ago in a converted garage just steps from their homes.

They source their wood from around southern California. Old houses, playgrounds and fences have all found new life as tables in their Pasadena workshop. Bonus: if you've been considering a farmhouse table to pair with your modern chairs but have found available versions not up to your standard, here's a chance to have something custom made for not much more than the cost of buying it retail at a good big box store.

Have some wood you've been thinking about having made into a piece of furniture but don't have the skills or time to do it yourself? Contact them to turn it into something you'll cherish forever.

For more information on Josh and Paul's furniture, check out the Arbor Exchange website.

Images: Mel Barlow