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Store History

  • Founded by: Toni Sikes

In 1985, Toni Sikes launched The Guild, a publishing company with the mission of helping artists market and sell their work. Annual Guild Sourcebooks featured photographs of artists' works and are distributed to designers and architects. Guild Sourcebooks have resulted in thousands of art commissions for public and private spaces and are recognized by design professionals as "the industry standard". Guild Sourcebooks are no longer being published. In 1992, The Guild added coffee-table and how-to books to its publishing line, allowing many artists to present their artwork in bookstores throughout North America. By the mid-1990s, The Guild had become a well-known brand in the design trades, forged strong relationships with thousands of artists, and built a reputation of quality and integrity. Sikes wanted to expand The Guild's market reach to consumers and began looking for another medium. Along came the Internet and the possibility of bringing original artwork to anyone, anywhere, with a computer and a modem. The launch of the website and catalog in 1999 gave consumers access for the first time to Guild artists, who personally make and ship all items directly to buyers. The Guild renamed the catalog The Artful Home in 2004, and renamed the website shortly thereafter. Today, both catalogs and website offer a variety of original art and fine craft for home and gifts.