Arthur Works: Custom Cabinetmakers

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Can't find it? Get it built. Wednesdays we try to find something that is upscale or hard enough to find that is usually reserved for the trade, and Arthur Works is this week's pick. This Pennsylvania shop can build just about anything from a table to an entire kitchen....and the prices are reportedly better than in NYC. Here's the tip:

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Having worked with MANY millworkers in a fifteen year period (in the New York area)...I can honestly say that Jim Arthur is an absolute Master craftsperson, businessman and artist. He can meticulously and convincingly copy anything from Jean Michel Frank's style to Chippendale's. His website is excellent too. Oh, best of all...his prices are 1/2 the price of Brooklyn millworkers and Jim comes in on budget and on time. He also sells some of his own very cool pieces.

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We spoke to James Arthur, and he said that for New Yorkers he builds a great deal of furniture and can copy any style from "18th century to contemporary to rustic cottage." For larger installations - kitchens for example - he would recommend a contractor in the city for installation, but building it and driving it up to the city was easily done.

If you are looking for the perfect dining table or doing up your kitchen in high style, keep Arthur Works on file. (Thanks, Robin!) MGR

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