Box Boy: Decoupage...DC-Style!

Washington DC

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Politics is omnipresent in DC and seeps into everything, including decoupage. During a recent visit to Eastern Market, we enjoyed meeting regular vendor "Box Boy" and laughing over his quirky boxes and furniture. While decoupage has been featured in other AT cities, these Box Boy originals could only come from DC. More shown below the jump...

The political boxes are very popular with tourists, but some locals find them offensive. Box Boy has been in Capitol Hill for a decade, so some controversy is to be expected.

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Box Boy tries to have all political parties represented in his crafts, though some candidates sell out much more quickly than others.

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We're partial to the boxes featuring Princess Lea in front of the Capitol (shown above) and Lisa Simpson in the Oval Office (below).

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Admittedly, we've never gotten too wrapped up in the Hill scene, and prefer focusing our efforts on our homes. That's why we also like Box Boy's decoupage furniture.

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- Rachael Grad

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