Georgetown Refinishing (Furniture Repair)

Washington, DC

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This U.S. post office cubby cabinet was recently picked up at the Raleigh, NC flea market in excellent condition, but suffered damage during the journey to DC. The cabinet was made in 1930 and used to manually sort mail until around 1957, when the post office transferred to semiautomatic sorting machines. It was upsetting that this very cool flea market find was damaged in transit. Thankfully, we heard about Georgetown Refinishing, a furniture repair service,...

now located in Fort Washington, MD. They fixed all the scratches and filled in the chips - see the before, during and after photos. Before repair:

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Georgetown Refinishing fixed the cabinet onsite in about an hour. For larger jobs, they can have pieces picked up from your home, fixed and delivered back to you.

During repair:

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After repair:

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The stain was perfectly matched and the cabinet looks new. We've heard only great reviews of Georgetown Refinishing.

- Rachael Grad

>>To All AT Washington Posts

[photos courtesy of Dalia Grad]

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