The Old Lucketts Antique Store

Washington, DC

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Just 45 minutes from DC is the Old Lucketts Antique Store. When we first stumbled upon this while driving down RT 15, with all the stuff strewn all over their front lawn, we thought we were hallucinating. A big old house and outer buildings chock full of old painted doors, metal lawn chairs, vintage garden accessories, rustic wooden tables and benches; it was like an amusement park for treasure hunters!...

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We were there for over an hour and would recommend at least another 1 or 2 to see everything. Furniture and various items were placed on top of each other in every conceivable way. Some are actual antiques and some are re-imagined antiques – perhaps made from an old table or a barn door. Painted furniture and distressed wood pieces are prominently displayed with smaller decorative pieces and knickknacks tucked in or around them.

Prices run the gambit, but things are generally pretty reasonable. We eyed some old painted mantels in one on the decorative sheds for under $70.00 dollars a piece.

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Part of the fun is the feeling like you are rummaging through someone's house, or have hit upon a really fabulous estate sale. On a sunny day this is a great road trip destination.

- Caroline Vollmer

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