Baby Works: Natural Products for The Nursery

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When you want to wrap your baby in cotton diapers. This came to me from LD, who says this about Babyworks, "This mom and mom and mom organization is not just organic to be trendy. They have the most beautifully chosen products and they specialize in organic baby clothes, bedding, diapers and gorgeous wooden toys. They are small, but their choices are great, and they will talk to you with knowledge about everything they sell." Their website is not fancy; it is complete and easy to navigate, with special instructions on how to use and wash natural, cotton diapers (Babyworks' specialty). Problems? Their selection is small because they only choose the best in each category, but their choices are often unusual and their service excellent. And for those mothers who need a chuckle after changing many diapers, I also got this recently in the email (make sure you have your volume on): MGR

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