Bailey Doesn't Bark

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  • Founded: 2008
  • Founded by: Re Jin Lee
  • Headquarters: New York

Bailey Doesn’t Bark, a contemporary home and life accessories™ company inspired by memories, dreams and nature, offers handmade tableware, home accents, jewelry and locally produced paper goods. I strive to create simple yet uniquely witty designs to be enjoyed throughout everyday life. Since I began Bailey Doesn’t Bark in 2008, I have been committed to making thoughtful environmental decisions from design to production. All Bailey Doesn’t Bark products are made in the U.S. and are packaged in-house using recycled materials. It is my intent to inspire not only with my designs but with the philosophy infused in the production. ? Re Jin Lee

Bailey Doesn't Bark is an independent online shop carrying a small line of carefully crafted ceramics (some vintage), textiles, and paper goods all made in the US and packaged in-house using recycled, reusable or biodegradable materials. The founder, Re Jin Lee, puts a strong emphasis on partnering with local or small eco-focused businesses: the porcelain pieces, including mugs, cups, spoons and plates are all made by Mudshark Production, based in Portland, Oregon. Check out videos of how the ceramics are made below:

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