Baileys Home and Garden

To the folks at Baileys, it doesn’t really matter if something is old or new. They strive to sell things that are simple, useful and well made. This philosophy has resulted in a store that offers a great mix of antiques and modern classics, all of which are fantastic, unique and beautiful household goods…

We’ve taken a few peaks at Baileys’ garden goods, but their store has a wide range of products: lighting, cookware, children’s, office and even kitchen sinks. Here are some of our favorites:

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Work in Progress Trolley: £165 (left), Crate on Wheels: £28.50 (right)
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Enamel Billy Can: £14 (left), Utility Clip Rack with Five Adjustable Clips: £6 (right)
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Hanging Globe: £26-£38 (left), Doorstop Shoelast: £24 (right)
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1950s Floor Standing Anglepoise Lamp: £750 (left), French Industrial Lamp: £215 (right)
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Recycled Glass Carafe And Tumbler: £28 (left), Reclaimed Bobbin Hourglass Timers: £14- £49
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Recycled Oak Block
Toothbrush Holder (Including Toothbrush): £14-£18 (left), Recycled Floor Boards Bath Rack: £36 (right)

For your viewing pleasure, all the photography has been wonderfully styled —so much so that Baileys even has their own book, Recycled Home. The book shows off their trademark highly textured, perfectly calm and eco-friendly style. Filled with items from their shop, the book is full of reuse inspiration.

Shop at Baileys online, by phone or in their UK store.


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