Baldwin and Co. : Sweet and Whimsical accessories for the Home and Garden

Baldwin and Co. is one of those little stores that you go into and want to pick up and touch everything. Nothing feels too precious and much of the merchandize is what you’d buy as a gift but secretly wish someone would buy for you.

We really liked the Butterfly Garland cake stand and dome (10"=$65.00, 12"=$78.00 and 14"=$115.00). And while the beach theme can be a bit "cutsie” for our taste, we did like these legit-looking beach and garden signs ($38.00).

These perfectly cool Japanese Garden Shears ($26.00) would be great for the casual gardener who cares about every aspect of the planting aesthetic.

With so much LA style being about pizzazz, it’s nice to remember that this town also clicks with the sleepy, simple beach town life... even if the prices don’t always reflect it.