Bathroom restorations: Liz's Hardware

Bathroom restorations: Liz's Hardware

Mar 13, 2007

If you inhabit an old bungalow or pre 1970 apartment or home like a lot of us in Southern California, you have seen the great details that can be found, things like glass doornobs, glass drawer pulls and great lighting fixtures. Sadly, many times, landlords or previous homeowners either paint over them, take them out, or tenants steal them upon leaving. If you are interested in preserving your building's heritage may we point you to Liz's Hardware.

Liz's Specializes in door, window and furniture hardware, lighting and accessories circa 1840-1970. If you would rather have new, they do carry contemporary lines as well as their own inhouse designs as well. Their website has a handy resource center
so that you can "help their sales people help you" in the most efficient way. If you've searched high and low with no avail, they also have a hardware matching service that for $10 will go through their inventory or locate it for you. And lastly, if you happen to live outside of the LA area [or are just looking for a bargin] they also have auctions on Ebay dealer number LAH90036.


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