Bay Natives Nursery

We remember the droughts of our childhood best by the brown lawns in our neighborhood. With water rationing going into effect in the Bay Area again this summer, those most likely to feel the pressure are gardeners. One of the best ways to save water in your garden? Fill it with native plants, which evolved to survive the long dry conditions of a California summer. Luckily for us, Bay Natives Nursery specializes in just those plants. Their focus on rare and endemic Bay Area plants makes them an invaluable resource for any serious local gardener. The nursery's growing grounds west of Twin Peaks aren't open to the public, but their current stock of plants can be seen and ordered online and either delivered to your home or picked up at their office in the Mission.

The nursery has a focus on ecological responsibility, and many of their plants were harvested from the wild before being grown in quantities large enough to stock. They also carry a selection of native plants that are now endangered - growing them is the best way to bring these plants back from the edge of extinction. Since Bay Natives specializes in such a small region, they're great people to talk to about what native plants will work best in your specific Bay Area garden.