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  • Founded: 1966
  • Founded by: The Busnelli Family
  • Headquarters: Novedrate, Italy
  • Sister stores: Maxalto, Moooi
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B&B Italia is hands down one of my favorite furniture stores/product lines. Whenever I search for design inspiration, I always end up back at B&B Italia admiring their refined modern furniture and heavenly product photos. Acclaimed furniture designers Gaetano Pesce, Antonio Citterio, and Patricia Urquiola have designed a few B&B Italia classics.

The Italian furniture manufacture maintains four collections: B&B Italia Home, Maxalto, B&B Italia Outdoor, and B&B Italia Project. B&B Italia also owns 50% of the Dutch company Moooi.

B&B Italia Home: B&B Italia Home is the original collection which consists of Italian furniture design classics.

Maxalto: Created in 1975, Maxalto is a collection of more traditional, yet still contemporary furniture that honors the elements of classic design. The furniture line is recognized for refined details and superior wood craftsmanship.

B&B Italia Outdoor: The outdoor B&B Italia collection focuses on outdoor living with dining, sunbathing, and lounging furniture options. The prominent designers for B&B Italia Outdoor include Richard Schultz, Jean Marie Massaud, and Patricia Urquiola.

B&B Italia Project: B&B Italia Project was created to service design professionals with offerings geared toward commercial projects.

Even though B&B Italia is considered a modern furniture line, a considerable number of their pieces would fit seamlessly into almost any style of interior.

(Images: B&B Italia)

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