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As New York City constantly changes, restaurants and stores come and go. I love finding new boutiques and specialty stores—the design ideas in these carefully planned and usually small spaces can be stellar.

Bblessing was reviewed in this week's Thursday Styles section of the NYTimes. I was pleased to see it showcased as I have taken a few friends into the space after I discovered it earlier in the summer. Though the article focuses on the clothing, I think it's overshadowed by the interior design.

The rich wall color (kind of like tomato soup) is warm and inviting and it takes a moment of browsing to realize the extent of the fixtures and cabinetry:

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The crack-pipe chandelier above the door is perfect for this downtown space.

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I love the idea of hanging furniture from the ceiling and it brings
the elegant details closer to eye-level.

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The controlled-randomness of the desk lamps on the ceiling emphasize
how repetition can be a designer's best friend.

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One of my favorite elements is the secret door in the rear of the
store that hides Breakbeat Science record shop. The ends of album
covers are attached to the shelving/door to make it super-authentic
and secretive.

The space was designed by co-owner Daniel Jackson and Surface to Air.

- Aaron A.

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