BIA Cordon Bleu Chef's Warehouse

BIA Cordon Bleu Chef's Warehouse

Mar 22, 2006

Tucked away in a warehouse in South San Francisco is a true find for both serious cooks and those who are just looking for well-priced items to stock their kitchens.

BIA Cordon Bleu is a leading manufacturer of porcelain and stoneware serving accessories, bakeware, and dinnerware.

The warehouse -- not far from 101 -- is full of both classic and contemporary dinnerware, as well as kitchen equipment and tools (including All Clad), serving platters, baking dishes, and glassware at discount prices. While you're virtually assured of finding copious amounts of classic white porcelain, you never know what else you might find. We once bought great large celadon-colored bowls to use for soup.

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