Bottlehood: Recycled Glass Housewares

Store Profile

  • Location: online only
  • Specialty: Repurposed glass liquor, beer, wine, soda and water bottles become unique sustainable household items.
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website:

Store History

BottleHood’s recycled glassware is made from wine, beer, liquor and soda bottles recycled from restaurants, bars, homes and events in the community. Our repurposed tumblers, juice glasses, vases, pendant beads and light fixtures are all eco-friendly products. Created out of a passion to create local jobs, stimulate our local retail economy and help our environment, BottleHood’s success is a reflection of neighborhood sentiment and support for what BottleHood stands for… a pride in our neighborhood, our local craftsmen and entrepreneurs, and our social responsibility.

What's better than a full bottle of hooch? An empty bottle that has been repurposed, of course! And that's exactly what Bottlehood does — create drinking glasses, lighting and other household accessories from empty beer and liquor bottles.

From Bottlehood's bio:

Founded in 2009, BottleHood is the industry leader in repurposing glass beverage containers and wine barrels. The Company produces a broad line of glassware and wooden serving ware for home and commercial use. Our eco-friendly products include a broad range of glassware including shot glasses, juice glasses, tumblers and vases, a complete line of light fixtures, jewelry and candles. Our line of repurposed wine barrel products includes small sushi style serving trays to large banquet size display and serving trays.

(Images: Bottlehood)