Bowery Kitchen Supplies

Bowery Kitchen Supplies

Cambria Bold
Mar 3, 2009

For most of the last century they were a fixture on the Bowery, but for the last few years Bowery Kitchen Supplies has catered to a more upscale clientele in the Chelsea Market. True to their origins, however, they still serve industry buyers from the venerable "Restaurant-Bar-Deli-Bakery-Luncheonette-General Food Service" category, as well as lunchtime shoppers from the Food Network...

As you might imagine, they carry everything, from small cookware to large cooking equipment, and there is more or less full in-store retail service and a good online store as well. They also have a sister store, the Bowery Kitchen East, specializing in knives and chef's attire. A great place to find virtually anything you could possibly want for your kitchen, and at reasonable prices as well.

Images by Nun Cee Ny for New York Magazine

Edited from this post originally published 11.1.07

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