Bowery Lane Bicycles Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2008
  • Headquarters: NY, NY

The Bowery is one of the oldest thoroughfares in New York City, and thus, the country. It was originally a Native American footpath, and later became a connection between the city and the northern farmlands. The first residents along the route were freed slaves, but its long and diverse past also includes being the home to elegant shopping and dining establishments before changing demographics turned it into a dangerous neighborhood containing brothels, beer gardens and some of the New York’s toughest gangs. These days the Bowery is going through a revival of sorts, but it retains hints of the grittiness that made it a symbolic New York artery. Founded in Manhattan in 2008, Bowery Lane Bicycles is committed to making affordable bikes in America that meet the actual day-to-day needs of urban cyclists. We actively support urban cycling and the goal of reclaiming city streets for safe and sustainable transportation.