Brainworks Home: Vintage in LA

  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Specialty: Vintage Furniture, Collectibles, Lighting & Hardware
  • Price range: ($) Budget - ($$) Mid-Range
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded: 1988
  • Founded by: Erin Adams

Brainworks, Inc. was founded by Erin Adams in 1988. Her experience as an Artist, Art Director and Interior Designer informs the hand selected items in the store. Brainworks also provides artisans and artists for interior design projects both residential and commercial. Please let us know if we can help you restore your vintage home or freshen your apartment

Erin Adams brings a great deal of design history and experience to Brainworks Home, her LA vintage store. Since 1988, Erin has worked as an artist, art director and interior designer, with projects in Las Vegas and LA. Over the years she has also developed up a great eye for vintage housewares and talented artists - both of which are represented in her shop.

Name/Title: Erin Adams/Owner

Open Date: May 2012

Inspiration for opening: As a very young artist, even before high school, I was always searching for inspiration in found objects, especially old items infused with history and its previous owners' story.  The storefront at 5364 W. Pico in L.A. was actually my studio for years. This is where I worked as a muralist and designer, and it is an atelier for a wide circle of artists and artisans who work through my business, Brainworks, Inc., on specialty finishes for design projects. As I moved more into interior design, the space became a warehouse for my collections of vintage hardware, modern art and whatever scavenged beauty caught my eye. Growing up in Southern California, I'm driven to preserve bits of it's history before they are swept aside. Every object is it's own story. Working on my own vintage home, like many of my neighbors I have a heightened appreciation of the functionality and value of old things. I've enthusiastically opened my doors to the public striving to provide a new more cost conscious resource for designers and the community. I enjoy meeting designers and helping them to develop a picture of their dream interiors. The new energy our store brings to our Pico Hauser neighborhood is exciting to me. And I love contributing to the revitalization of the area.

Merchandise source: Artists, designers and artisans I admire, plus my treasure hunting through every corner of California and beyond, including auctions, swap meets, back alleys, estate sales, antique stores and yard sales. "Recycle Buy Vintage" is our motto and my passion!

Current best selling item: Antique and vintage lighting! From Art Deco and Spanish Revival chandeliers of the 1920s to gorgeous mid century Pagoda ceramic table lamps, I find that older fixtures bring richer texture to designed interiors. And people who come in love small collectibles/gifts like Archipelago candles, Swedish sea salt soap, and Pré de Provence Shea Butter hand creams.

Favorite item: The love of artworks and iconic design is a constant source of pleasure and discovery for me. There is a starburst nail sculpture from the artist Mark Weinstein that is so beautiful. I'm obsessed with it.

Favorite store, other than your own: I admire the aesthetic of Empiric in Los Angeles. I love the whole package.

(Images: Brainworks Home)