Breathing Space Professional Organizing & Coaching

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Another person who realizes the full psychological benefits of keeping your home well organized is Stacey Platt, the prinicipal force behind Breathing Space. Platt not only organizes, she is also a life coach and yoga instructor, three hats that fit well together when it comes to solving your inner problems through your space.

We met Platt this past weekend and found her professional, inspiring and down to earth. She seems like just the type of person we would trust with this work.

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It's all about finding breathing space.

Platt works with clients to help them manage their lives, not just their junk. Either at home or in the office, she will help you purge what you don't need and then establish working systems for managing the rest. If you are wishing to go further, she will coach you through a series of weekly meetings, helping you find focus, achieve goals and stay motivated. Work is done in person and by phone. Email for rates here.

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