Breuckelen Berber: Vintage Moroccan Carpets

Store Profile

  • Location: Brooklyn, New York and online
  • Specialty: Vintage Moroccan Berber rugs - Weaving together history and the present, knot by knot.
  • Price range: ($$$) High-End
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Store History

  • Founded by: Nathan Ursch and Brin Reinhardt
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn, New York

Inspired by their own search for an affordable vintage rug, husband and wife design team Nathan Ursch and Brin Reinhardt created Breuckelen Berber to be a new resource for rugs from the Berber tribes of Morocco. Offering a carefully curated in-stock selection of hand-woven rugs dating from as early as 1910, Breuckelen Berber connects the rich history of the vintage rugs with today’s modern interiors.

When husband and wife design team Nathan Ursch and Brin Reinhardt went searching for the perfect rug, they probably didn't imagine it would lead to a business. Yet that's exactly what happened after they discovered the gorgeous rugs from the Berber tribes of Morocco…

You've got to love it when passion that turns into a business! Where would we be without that? In this case, we wouldn't know about the carpets from the Berber tribe of Morocco! A little bit of history from the Breuckelen Berber website:

The Berber Tribes of Northern Africa have lived between western Egypt and the Atlantic Ocean, Maghreb, since pre-recorded history began in the region 30,000 years ago. The story of the Berber carpet weaving tradition is a unique one. While most oriental carpets share a common DNA in relation to the Turkish knot technique, the Berber carpet has its own woven origin.

Without a standard written language, Berber weavers of the past recorded the myths and legends of their ancestors through archaic symbolism, incorporated with grace and precision into their textiles. These woven works of art are a doorway to the past, dating from the Upper-Paleolithic era. Anthropologists theorize that the Berber tribes of Morocco and Algeria may be the last untainted link to mankind's distant origins, as only in recent times have the Berber tribes received influence from the modern world. During their many centuries of remote isolation, the Berbers carefully preserved their heritage of technique and knowledge, passing down messages in wool from one generation to another.

Breuckelen Berber's distinctive vintage rugs are stocked in Brooklyn, and can be viewed online or in person by appointment. The rugs are available for delivery to customers in the New York area and can also be shipped to clients around the world.

(Images: Breuckelen Berber)