Broadway Antique Market: Recycling 1950 Since 1990

Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 1990
  • Founded by: Jeffrey Nelson & Danny Alias
  • Headquarters: Chicago

What began with a dozen amazing antique dealers in a single tiny store has grown into the Midwest's premiere vintage shopping destination. BAM has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Social, TimeOut Chicago, Chicago Collection, Chicago Tribune, RedEye... and a 3x New City "Best of Chicago" Winner. By closely vetting the very best, we now represented 75 top dealers, many with International reputations. Our client list includes major celebrities, designers, film & TV producers, theatres, museums/archives and serious collectors around the world.

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Sitting on busy North Broadway Street in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood, the white brick exterior and neon signs of Broadway Antique Market practically beckon vintage lovers in search of high quality mid-century furniture and accessories.

Partners Jeffrey Nelson and Danny Alias, whose House Tour we saw back in February, have collected an impressive roster of over 75 vintage and antique dealers in this massive space. Spread over two floors, the store offers a mix of 20th century furniture, accessories, and even some clothing. And we're not talking shabby, dirty, who-would-want-to-sit-on-that-thing-let-alone-buy-it? vintage furniture. Most of the pieces in the store are in top quality mint condition, as if they were transported from mid-20th century to today via a time machine.

The first floor of the store houses an array of cases and smaller booths filled with accessories, both household and fashion. Climb the stairs to the second floor of the store and you'll discover two immense rooms filled with mid-century furniture and art.

A true 21st century business, Broadway Antique Market also sells select items online and Danny, along with his friend Sally, keep a blog about all things vintage appropriately titled When Danny Met Sally.

Images: Jason Loper