BrooklynBilt: Custom Built-In Furniture

BrooklynBilt: Custom Built-In Furniture

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 27, 2007

If you are looking for a good reference for built-ins in Brooklyn, we've just got one in from Aaron - a client - who used these folks to build a banquette that we designed for him.

"Check out the photos of our kitchen banquette.

These guys at Brooklynbilt did the design detailing and construction (all except the cushions). They were incredibly nice to work with and they did great work, right on time, fairly priced...

They even figured out a way to shorten our kitchen table to make it fit better. They also did some amazing work upstairs melding our two Ikea cabinets into one built-in looking closet unit.

A good resource for AT, for sure. The downside is that they are booking up fast on word-of-mouth alone." --Aaron

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