Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2002
  • Founded by: Valerie and Paul Holstein
  • Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Valerie and Paul Holstein started this web business from their home garage. They now have a 16,000 square feet of warehouse and continue to own and operate the company. They sell almost every type of cable or cord organizer you could want through their online, 24-hour store.

Mix in Fry's Electronics hardware aisle, the supply room from the IT department, with a little bit of old school Radio Shack thrown in and you've got The site is dedicated to a plethora of wire management, power and data hardware, organizational tech tools and just about anything else that let's you wrangle in the tangle normally associated with a tech'ed out desk.

Ties, clips, grommets, cable guides, USB grommets for desks, a fair assortment of actual cables and everything inbetween is what you'll find at The site is about no nonsense as you can get, but when you're looking for "butt splices", you don't need bells and whistles (the name is entertaining in itself). Notable product lines available on the site include home automation company, Lutron, alongside home organizing label equipment DYMO (we love label writers!).

If you're getting started on desk/computer organizing, you could do worse than checking out, if only to browse for inspiring ideas of how to hide, guide and organize everything related to staying plugged in. Prices can be hit and miss, with certain items priced amongst the lowest online, while others can be found elsewhere for a decent savings, so be sure to cross reference before checking out with that 25 USB port desk grommet. But we like the convenience and comprehensive selection...and the fact they carry something called "butt splices".