Dec 7, 2006

At this point we've seen a lot of wall decals on design blogs. But it is Reversible Decor month here at AT:SF. so we're blogging one that we haven't yet covered, Australia-based Candiy*, which sells their punchy decals through their website.

Although most of Candiy*s product shots display interior walls that have been painted deep, rich colors and then gussied up with their graphic, punchy vinyl shapes, they do sell some of the shapes themselves in red and chocolate, so you can add some warm color (as well as graphic appeal and whimsy) to your rented white walls.

The site has good, clear directions on how to apply the decals to your walls with a minimum of fuss (they say you can do eighteen decals in twenty minutes). As with most vinyl decal products for interior walls or surfaces, these won't damage your walls, but they're also not re-usable. So it's best to think through your design before you start peeling, sticking and rubbing.

Prices are straightforward: $60 for a pack of decals (includes shipping to the US). The larger designs comes three to a pack, the smaller (butterflies), eighteen.

Of the current designs, Toledo, Bamboo, Acanthus, Butterflies, and Trix are available to purchase online.

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