Capital Petsitters LLC

One of the hardest aspects of pet ownership is dealing with the inevitable separations caused by travel for work or vacation. Though many of us are lucky enough to have friends or family willing to care for our furry friends in our absence, others must rely on the services of professional sitters like those found at Capital Petsitters... We've heard wonderful things about Capital Petsitters from friends who have relied on its services to help them through those difficult absences. Capital Petsitters has been caring for pets since 1993 and now has almost 60 professional petsitters helping 1700 clients in the DC area. They handle mid-day walks, vacation pettsitting, and overnight residential visits as well as special services like administration of medications and vet visits. We would love to hear from our readers about other services that help you keep your pets happy and healthy when you are away from home. Please let us know in the comments if you have recommendations to share.