Cargo Incorporated

Cargo Incorporated

Sometimes good things come by the container load. The importer of primarily asian wares and antique pieces doesn't sell much on their website (we counted a whopping six items), but don't let that fool you into thinking that they don't have much to offer. Quite the contrary, as one can easily see even via virtual tour of their 20,000 square foot warehouse.

This store makes us wish that our apartment were once again an empty box for us to furnish from scratch. Everything about it screams fun, not least the exterior, the d├ęcor of which is updated regularly and posted on the website.

The feel of the wares inside is more chunky and bohemian than Asia-phile, which we muchly appreciate. Nonetheless, we would go here for the screens and ceramic Chinese garden stools alone, and leave with textiles, figurines and brightly painted storage chests.

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