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  • Founded by: Wendy Carter Garraty
  • Headquarters: Tampa, FL

Those looking for a source for an eclectic, yet practical, mix of home décor styles and products will feel right at home at Clayton Gray Home. Born out of a love for unique home accessories, owner Wendy Carter Garraty has created a complete décor guide for everyday life. Wendy’s background in residential and commercial design refined her aesthetic sensibility to meet the practical needs of home décor aficionados everywhere. Buy the pieces you love and you’ll always be able to use them in new ways. Accent pieces can change the look and feel of a room without requiring a substantial investment. Be mindful of the impact your environment can make on your outlook. Wendy’s design philosophy has been the foundation of many vibrant spaces either created from the ground up or renovations of existing spaces that needed a fresh touch of inspiration. At Clayton Gray Home you will find traditional staples for everyday décor as well as custom designs to add a personal flair to your environment. Come in, enjoy and add beauty to your everyday surroundings.

Clayton Gray Home has a worldly and eclectic collection of decorative items for your residence, hand-picked by owner and interior designer Wendy Carter Garraty. A special focus is given to things that pack a big visual punch for a small amount of cash, and that can also transform the mood of a room instantly.

You could easily decorate an entire home with the practical choices available from this site, and it would seem as though the layered design came together over time and as a result of many far-away travels. There's also a great blog associated with the store that picks up on inspirational trends from around the magazine world.

As Garrity puts it, she has created for her clients "a complete décor guide for everyday life," and we could not agree more. Visit Clayton Gray Home to shop this unique store.