Cloth & Goods: Vintage Textiles & Curated Home Goods

  • Location: online only
  • Specialty: Vintage textiles and curated home goods
  • Price range: ($$) Mid-Range - ($$$) High-End
  • Website:

Store History

  • Founded: March 2012
  • Founded by: Melissa Newirth
  • Headquarters: Portland, OR

Cloth & Goods Is an online store founded by Melissa Newirth, interior designer, stylist, and textile collector. Launched in the spring of 2012, the store represents Melissa’s love for collecting vintage textiles and her belief that products can be made using traditional methods and developed into modern ideas. Her aesthetic values reflect the beauty of things in their simplest forms, which are sometimes unconventional or imperfect. The name for the company represents the essence of her aspiration to “keep it simple.”

Over her years of travel as a stylist and interior designer, Melissa Newirth has been a casual collector of vintage textiles. The growing collection sparked a desire to turn the textiles into modern wares. Thus, Cloth & Goods, an online shop offering a mix of new and vintage textiles and home goods, was born. 

Name/Title: Melissa Newirth/Founder & Owner

Launch date: Studio founded March 2102; online store launched June 2012

Inspiration for opening: A textile collector from travels around the world as a stylist and interior designer, I wanted to design the fabrics I collected into modern wares for the home and represent young emerging artists and find things you can't find in any store.

Merchandise source: I source from my travels, have made great connections but I cannot tell you my secrets.

Best selling item: It's funny how products sell. One week it is charcoal drawings from artist April Coppini, another week it is pottery from the UK. My indigo pillows and dishtowels made by Cloth and Goods do well.

Your favorite item: It is hard to have a favorite item, everything I sell I LOVE and would want in my own home.

Favorite store (other than your own): My favorite store in Portland is Canoe, which has well curated and put together quality items. Anything by Dosa for the home in LA as well as Tortoise General in Venice, CA and ABC Carpet is a must for me to visit when I am in NYC.

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