Color & Life

While perusing the long (and somtimes dreary) aisles at the recent Las Vegas Market, one booth caught our eye, and it was aptly called "Color&Life." Color&Life are a San Diego based company that make a fun european style modular furniture system. The pieces we saw appeared to be marketed to a younger set (teens, early college, etc..), but the simplicity and functionality of the design made us think they could work for adults as well. One collection in particular, the Loft, looked like it would be perfect for small spaces, or even if you had an office and wanted the ability to make it a guest room as well.

In "the Loft", there is a desk area that is raised on a platform, and the bed rolls out from underneath. If you get the larger version of the bed, the part that sticks out can double as a couch. All of Color&Life's products are offered in a multitude of colored veneers that are painted with non-toxic paints and are made with recycled wood. You can check out their showroom for more information, or their website.