Creato Finito

Creato Finito

Marcia Prentice
Jun 1, 2011

Store History

  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
Featured Furniture: Vintage Turkish carpet, 1960's found Italian brass chair, Caserta Mirror, Marquis Chest, Hampton Bench, and Dolphi Daybed original CFH designs. Pillows made of antique fabrics.

Creato Finito's sophisticated and refined furnishings are beautifully styled within the store. The store's founder, David McCallen, and creative director, John Saint-Denis, have such a great eye for finding pieces that retain a high level of craftsmanship. The selection of furnishings includes a mix of classic styles, which is similar to what you find in John's personal residence as well.

Candles are designed by JSD, inspired by his travels in France and 16 years of French Catholic School. They are handmade locally.

John describes the concept behind the store as "classically inspired, original Creato Finito designs layered with modern, vintage and antique finds to reflect how the sophisticated Los Angeles resident lives today." The store also serves as a rotating gallery for fine art. The most recent opening featured the work of photographer Brandon Herman.

Creato Finitio offers custom designs that are manufactured in Los Angeles. Local manufacturing allows for quick lead times, tight quality control, and environmentally sustainable practices. I always feel good about supporting small businesses and products still made in the United States.

Images: Bethany Nauert

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