Cross Street Custom Portraits by Danielle Krysa

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  • Founded: 2013
  • Founded by: Danielle Krysa
  • Headquarters: British Columbia, Canada

Danielle works with watercolor, found paper, and/or embroidery to recreate your home in 2D. She can also do cars, tent trailers, and pretty much any inanimate object.

Your house might not be the first subject you think of when commissioning a piece of art, but if you're about to renovate (or just finished renovating) or you're moving out of a home that has sentimental value, a custom portrait by artist Danielle Krysa might be the perfect memento.

Danielle started doing home portraits when interior designer Emily Henderson commissioned her to draw a picture of Emily's rental house. Emily was about to move out of her house soon, but wanted to remember the life she spent there with her husband.

The art is simple and pretty, with little pops of color. Danielle can also do cars, tent trailers, and pretty much any inanimate object — so if you've got an antique credenza from your great-great-grandparents that you want to immortalize in art, Danielle's your girl.

Check out her Etsy store to order a custom portrait! (And see more pictures of Emily's house portrait here.)

(Images: Danielle Krysa)

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