Cuban Tropical Tile Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 1940
  • Founded by: Mr. Heriberto Borroto
  • Headquarters: Miami, FL

Because of the great demand of tiles in Florida one or two factories were established in the 1940's including our company. Tile floor were once popular in tropical climates because they were cool, long lasting and easy to mantain. American tourists visiting Cuba in the forties and fifties often brought back cuban tiles to put in their homes and before long a new industry was born in South Florida. But in the 1960's when air-conditioning and wall to wall carpenting became prevelant, demand for cuban tiles floor descreased. Other factories went out of business but Cuban Tropical Tiles still has its faithful clients. Architecs firms, designers, builders , general contractors , private residence as well. <br/><br/> Even when its original founder Mr. Heriberto Borroto decided to retire after retaining a prestigious name for the company with project such as the restoration of the institute of San carlos located in Key West, Fl. Matching the original Tiles used in 1924. Later the company came into the hand of a Venezuelan Economist, Mr Ramon Curiel who retired after ten years, having achived an excellent portfolio of work. Such projects included providing tiles in the residence of celebrities like the actor Andy Garcia, Robert Dennign, President of the New York design firm Dennign & Fourcade, Joe Allen's South Beach Restaurant, Coral Gables Congregational Church built in 1923, Holly Hunt Gallery and many more.

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