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  • Founded: 2003
  • Headquarters: Brooklyn NY
  • Sister stores: Hollander & Lexer
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Born from a love of collecting antiques and interesting flea market finds for themselves, the owners of Darr (Arabic for home) founded the shop 7 years ago to share their goods with the public. They've been at their Atlantic Avenue location for 5 years now, and this week they open a second location in Williamsburg.

The shop's offerings and decor come together to create a moody atmosphere that's immensely appealing. From the black-painted walls to the taxidermy displays and hand-selected antiques, it feels like you've stepped into the home of a very stylish (and a little quirky) great-uncle. These pics highlight some of Darr's current offerings we spotted during our visit last week.

If you like the style at Darr and wish to see it translated into men's fashion, be sure to check out Hollander & Lexer, the men's clothing shop created by the same owners.

101 Metropolitan Avenue
W-Sat 12-8
Sun 12-7

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