WWI Dazzle Camouflage Prints at risd | works

Store History

  • Founded: 2001
  • Founded by: The Rhode Island School of Design
  • Headquarters: Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design

risd|works was founded in 2001 to celebrate the leading role that a RISD education plays in the world of fine art and design. The innovative store and retail gallery has become a much admired and emulated model for other schools of art and design, and continues to be recognized for the skillful and sophisticated way it blends issues of art and design with business and entrepreneurship. risd|works is a showcase for products and works of art designed by and/or made by our alumni and faculty. At risd|works we offer tangible proof of the significant impact artists and designers make on our world. risd|works encourages us to look at familiar things in a new way; behind every item featured, from the mass produced object to the fine art original, are the hand and mind of a RISD artist. All profits from risd|works are returned to the Rhode Island School of Design for use in furthering it's mission.

Being nautical enthusiasts, we were taken with last year's exhibit at RISD's Fleet Library of the wildly graphic plans for dazzle camouflage, used on merchant ships to confuse German U-boats during World War I. This year the library has released an edition of 10 prints (5 starboards and 5 ports) from the collection, available at risd | works.

The plans were donated to RISD by alumnus Maurice L. Freedman, the district camoufleur in Florida during World War I and later a commercial artist who developed an early version of the game Battleship. The prints are 10 or 14 x 34-inches, printed on archival paper and cost $60 each or $110 for a set of two. They can be purchased online at www.risdworks.com.