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  • Founded by: Dana Brandwein and David Oates
  • Headquarters: Litchfield County, Connecticut

After years of collecting, snipping swatches, pulling out clippings, painting and re-painting, touching and feeling everything in every home store in NYC, I decided it was time for me to start creating. dbO Home was born from this desire to make things. Handmade things that add something special to your home to give it your own personal style. So dbO Home offers handmade, hand glazed one-of-a-kind ceramic home accessories all thrown, built or caste in my recently built (and most importantly, heated) home studio in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

Perfect for the official first day of gift shopping season. Dana Brandwein Oates founded dbO Home out of "a desire to make things." Her handmade porcelain and stoneware is simple, practical, and personal. She makes a total of 12 pottery collections, each with its own distinct identity.

The Burl Collection is big and heavy, with glazes that reference burled wood. The Birch Collection is pale and curls a little, like peeling birch bark. The Globe Collection is modern and utilitarian, but rounded edges soften it up. Dana makes them all from her home studio in Litchfield County, Connecticut.

She also collaborates with her husband, woodworker David Oates, on a series of gorgeous ceramic and wood lamps. They're pricey, but each is handcrafted with exacting attention to detail. David makes a few furniture pieces for the shop as well, including burl end tables and consoles.

On the practical side, all of the stoneware products are microwave and dishwasher safe and all dishes are made with food-safe glazes. There's also free shipping on anything sent within the continental United States.

Glitz Plate, $55
Burls Plate, $45
V Bowls, $35 - $62
Burl End Tables by David Oates, contact store for pricing and info.
Matriarch Esther Lamp, $575
Globe Straight-Sided Bowls, $30 - $45
Plantlife Log Vase, $110
Globe Inside Out Cup, $30
Birch Platter, $90

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