Deana Bracken Design/Green with Glamour

Los Angeles based designer, Deana Bracken, dropped us a line to introduce us to her company, Deana Bracken Design, and her online shop Green with Glamour. With a background as a segement producer for design-driven television shows, Deana has now branched out on her own, creating well styled, "well meaning" living spaces. She combines livable glamour "with the spirit of modern and eco-responsible style." Much of her work incorporates themes in nature, as well as re-finishing antiques in sustainable materials such as hemp, and no-VOC (no-Volatile Organic Compound/non toxic) coatings.

From the sampling of projects shown on her site, I love her mix of colors, as well as the juxtaposition of antiques and artwork. Her rooms integrate the homeowner's personality and you definitely get a sense of soul, as opposed to just a style. In addition to design consulting, Deana also has launched a small collection of "green" accessories, currently consisting of organic pilows and soy candles, with more items on the way. Find out more info here.