Dijital Fix Design+Electronics

In the heart of hipster heaven is an electronics shop with an eye for good design at the heart of their selection of home audio speakers, turntables, mp3 systems, headphones, lighting, storage and miscellaneous tech gear, all curated to look good as much as sound good. Dijital Fix calls itself "The Designer Electronics Boutique", and looking over their goods, it's hard to disagree.

Not all of us can make it over to Williamsburg, but Dijital Fix thankfully offers their selection of wares online on their website. We're impressed that they carry designer pieces like the Amadana Electronic Handheld Calculator or the audiophile designed Ferguson Hill FH007 Mini Speaker System. Our personal wish list pick from their stock is the gorgeous Ferrari red Music Hall mmf-2.2 LE Turntable. Lots to oggle, online and both at their boutique location. It's certainly not Best Buy...thank goodness!