Diseño: South American Imports & Vintage Finds

Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2007
  • Founded by: Frank Campanale and Mariano Brener
  • Headquarters: 409 Harrison Avenue, Boston, MA 02118

Born of art and design inspiration in Buenos Aires, with a bit of "lomo y malbec" tossed in... Diseño draws from the rich European and Latin cultural mix, contemporary and sophisticated, with lots of color, texture, warmth and style. At Diseño you'll find rich leather, hide and fur as well as brightly colored and earthy vintage textiles and ceramics, sleek and solid wood, steel and glass furniture designs, a touch of rustic and a lot of comfort. We specialize in cutting edge hide rug patterns and designs in natural or dyed tones.

This South End shop made our Best of Boston City Guide, so we thought it was high time we profiled it on Apartment Therapy. Inside the store, you'll find a blend of vintage and flea market finds alongside imports from South American countries like Brazil, Argentina, Peru, and Chile.

The shop aesthetic mixes traditional and modern styles — all under the umbrella of "diseño" — or "design." There are lots of natural materials, woods, neutral tones, woven textiles, and colorful accessories. Here are a few of our picks:

  1. Vintage Seltzer Bottles, $60
  2. Colorful Small Bowls, $15
  3. Tripolina Chair, $299
  4. Vintage Rose Blanket, $300
  5. Vintage Textile Table Runner, $149
  6. Wood and Leather Hide Stools, $199
  7. Drum Style Chandelier, Red Raffia, $199
  8. Compases Oil Painting, $2,200
  9. Alpaca Silver and Leather Box, $98
  10. Luna Chair, $600

The store describes its inventory as "mix of European craftsmanship with a Latin sensibility. Rich colors, textures, the scent of fine leather, lush textiles and animal skins along with fine furniture." They maintain a showroom in the South End, as well as a website with online shopping.