Dec 21, 2006

We were tipped off to Dream by AT:SF reader Vince. We may never have found it otherwise. The little shop is tucked away in a funky, quiet area of San Mateo, sharing a block with industrial spaces and a VW repair shop.

Owner Stacy Rhodes hand-picks vintage and French decor, buying linens, furniture, chandeliers, architectural pieces, and tableware from places that include, surprisingly, Egypt and Texas. Dream is popular with buyers from San Francisco and the Peninsula who find the prices more affordable than similar stores in the City.

Stacy says she buys what she likes, and she tries to leave everything as it was found. You won't find any faux distressing in Dream.

The most popular items are furniture.

Antique doors fly out of the shop because they're so in demand.

There are quite a few chandeliers for sale -- and Stacy's also in the process of designing her own, using, for instance, mercury and milk glass.

Dream is obviously not for the die-hard Modernist, but if you're looking for things with a vintage look, or a gift (bottles, enamel cups, soaps, candles, jewelry, linens, a little dish to keep coins or keys in), it's worth a detour off El Camino. (We're learning, by the way, that there's much more to towns like San Mateo than ugly El Camino Real.)

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