Drimmers Major Appliances

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Angela's Crush. We got a shout-out for Drimmers in the I Cook! Kitchen Contest and followed up.

A family run business for 30 years, Drimmers is a kitchen specialty store with "the broadest selection of built-in and European productsy," stocking major home appliances, from dishwashers to sinks to home entertainment centers. See their kitchen showrooms for easy browsing.

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Angela says: I researched what I wanted, got a few price estimates from other stores and then called Drimmers. They bettered the price, and then delivered them FOR FREE. It's a great secret source and will help you save at least $100 or so.

NY Mag agrees, but highlights the fancy aspect: " Swells (or their decorators) trek to these family-owned shops for major appliances at reasonable prices."

Now with two locations, one in Brooklyn and one on East 19th Street, Drimmers is a good stop for both Brooklynites and Manhattanites. (Thanks, Angela!) MGR

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