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Dept. of Tribalism. Supressed by the NYTimes, Eboniste sent us their press kit and pics last night after they had appeared in H&H. Whatever. H&H didn't show barely anything at all.

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Headed up by two MBA's, Scott Frankum and Jay Ward, this brand new shop is a nice new edition to the global/tribal/world trend and promises to stay as focused on your wallet and the coffee bean style as only a company run by MBA's can. The woods used are reclaimed and naturally finished, the serving pieces are mother of pearl, silver and horn. Everything is made in Shanghai, Singapore and Bali.

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The pitch: this is unique, aspirational furniture that evokes a romantic modernist mood. Four collections reflect four different moods: Great Cities, Bali, Milan, Marias and are simple, elegant pieces that could be mixed into a wide range of rooms. Eboniste will be adding more pieces to fill out their lifestyle niche.

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Prices run from $450 to $1500 for tables and chairs. Our favorites are The Parc side table ($825 - top), The London side table ($795) and The Architect nesting tables ($1450 - bottom). MGR

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