Elmira Stove Works

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If you are a retro buff, Elmira Stove Works is a resource for you. A family business for three generations up in Ontario, Elmira Stove Works started as a supplier of stove parts for nearby Mennonite families and soon began making their own stoves. Now they make high end stuff with all the old designs.

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Elmira Stove Works has two lines: Antique and Northstar. The Antique line seems to have broken links, but the Northstar is a full fledged line of stove ($4,000), hood ($1,100) and fridge ($4,000) that all come in multiple colors, retro style and brand new innards.

This is expensive stuff, but about on par with other antique/new appliances we have seen. Elmira says that each piece is made to your specifications, and at these prices we believe it. (Via Popgadget)

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