Emil's Hardware: 10% Discount for ATLA Readers!

Emil's Hardware: 10% Discount for ATLA Readers!

Gregory Han
Jun 28, 2007

[We continue today with a trial post from our second finalist, Abby of Miracle Mile, in our search for a new Editor here at ATLA. We'll be posting one a day for the next three weeks, every Wednesday through Friday. Tell us what you think.]

So who says a big sprawling city like Los Angeles doesn�t have small town friendliness? As an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer, I often plunge headlong into a project and then find myself, halfway through, in need of serious help. What seemed good in theory (i.e. in my head) has turned problematic in practice (i.e. I suddenly remember that I�m all thumbs). It�s at times like this that I rush to Emil�s Hardware and throw myself at the mercy of Emil, his cousin, his two sons or one of their colleagues.

While they can�t solve my innate clumsiness, they can minimize the damage I create with their helpful and thorough customer service, careful instructions, and the patience to answer my endless questions and steer me towards the right products and tools. And if I really can�t finish it myself, they�re happy to offer recommendations to others who can.

Spacious and well-stocked, they�re a full-service hardware store, family-owned and operated since 1947, with shelves of products (Presto Patch) that are hard to find elsewhere. I guess my clumsiness has paid off � I�ve become regular enough that I qualify for a discount! So do you! Mention that you read about them at "Apartment Therapy LA" and you'll get 10% off.


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