Empiric Studio: Vintage Modern and Industrial Furnishings

Store History

  • Founded: 1996
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
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We can barely keep up with the ever evolving Empiric. They sell their vintage and industrial furniture and furnishings off the floor; therefore, the inventory and staged vignettes are constantly changing. All this change is a positive — it gives us an excuse to stop by and see what is new. One trip to Empiric is simply not enough; the store is packed with intricate and interesting furnishings and almost every item in the store feels as if it has its own story.

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Royal Apothic Room Perfumes

At what other store can you find a mix of vintage taxidermy, a vintage microscope, an Atomic Blast print and a library ladder shelf? Besides carrying vintage and found object furnishings, they have a few of their own furniture and rug designs in their product offering. My personal favorites are the irongate rug and brass dining chair.

MORE INFO: Empiric Studio

Images: Bethany Nauert


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